Thursday, October 3, 2013

Contour and Shaded Pumkins and an Apple, ages 10-12

We looked at photos of pumpkins and talked about how to start a complicated drawing. We also noted that things get smaller in the distance. Using contour lines they drew their "map" of shapes and then chose three to color and shade.

Adult Class Woven Watercolor

I don't usually post the adult projects, but this one is too good not to share! It was a great project to do after summer break to loosen up a bit. We drew and painted two of the same image without too much worry if it matched up in size or color. Then we cut, wove and glued them on card stock. It was nice to see all the ways they played with backgrounds and some had a checkerboard effect, some were loose and impressionistic and all were so clever. I could imagine silk scarves or vintage fabric made from these. You can link on the names to see what these artists are up to.

Harvest Moon, ages 7-9

This is my example of the harvest moon paper project that the students used as inspiration for their own.
We took cake cardboard rounds (you could use clean pizza rounds too) to use as our moon. A little neon yellow marker gave the moon a bright color. Then the students made a list of things they could use in their projects and cut/glued them. Note the shy raccoon looking from behind the corn stalks.

Loose Watercolor and Ink Birds- teen class

Most of my students, ages 10 through adult have done this project. They all turned out so wonderful, even thought it was sometimes hard to paint ourtside of the lines. I am sharing some of the teen class work and mine at the end.