Friday, August 7, 2015

City sunset, ages 12 and up and Island sunset, ages 7-10

The students learned about background, middle ground and for ground layers in a painting. They also looked at the glow that an atmospheric sunset has. Acrylic on stretched canvas.

and some examples of island sunsets, ages 7-12

Cut paper animals ages 7-10

The students used cut paper on 17x22 inch card stock to make their animals. The challenge was  to design and include a 3-diminsional part. Can you find the parts that come off the page?

Acrylic painting from teen class

This is one of the paintings from the teen class this past spring. The project was about choosing a theme and then use layers to convey the feeling of the theme. An abstract concept and done with nice technique.

Watercolor and ink birds, ages 10 - teens

This is a great project to let the students get a feel for wet on wet watercolor technique. They also got to  use patterns/zentangles to add another layer of interest. Great job!

one elephant

and the rest are birds