Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Bird Oil Pastel 17x22 inches, ages 7-12

This was a good class in looking for the simple shapes to draw the bird and then use oil pastel to layer the color to enhance the round shapes was saw.
We also talked about movement in the background to keep it simple yet interesting.
The examples below are from the 10-12 year old class.

and this is my example with more layers in the back.
They got more complicated in the older classes.

Watercolor Floral with Metal/Gold Leaf, teen class

This is sure to become a favorite project!!!!

Aurora Borealus, acrylic on 11x14 inch wrapped canvas, ages 7-12

Here are just a few examples of the student work. We learned about tree shapes, how to apply paint tinting as we went, and some fancy brushwork for the glow in the starlit sky.

Story Pattern Posters, age 10-12

I had the students make a list of important elements from a story they like. 
Then they used the elements to create patterns in these 17x22 inch posters.

Layers, acrylic, watercolor on watercolor paper, teen class

I really appreciate the projects that get the students thinking. 
This was about layers, and patterns behind a layer.

Tree Ornament and Lights, acrylic on canvas, Teen class

Friday patterned sea turtle class, acrylic on 11x14 wrapped canvas- ages 8-11