Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Self portraits from the teen class in spring

I just found some photos of student work that I wanted to share.
I suggested to the students to do a self portrait using values (black and white) with a color pop.
One is done on full sheet watercolor paper with subtle green eyes and the other is acrylic on 16x20 canvas.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cradled Wood Panel Project- camp age 11-14

We talked about "out of the box" to use as a design tool and how it can make a project interesting.
We looked at past projects and examples of uses in magazines, cards...
The wooden panels were a new surface for the class.

Textured acrylic, pen and ink birds- summer camp ages 11-14

We took some tissue paper and diluted modpodge to create at texture on canvas board. Then painted an loose acrylic background taking note of direction and movement we could crete with it. We traced the birds from drawings we made and then used pen and ink to complete the image. Wonderful job by all!

Doorways- camp project - ages 11-14

This is an example of one of the projects one of the camps did one day.  We used cut card stock to create an image of a door. Most did their own from home. Then we opened the door to show a fantasy place using magazine cutout collage. I only posted my example. The students were so much more creative using pop ups and fun ideas.

You Are my Sunshine- ages 7 - 10

I found some cardboard cake bottoms and thought we could do some sun designs on them.
These make me smile!

Oil Pastels and Acrylics, ages 7 - 12

Some of the students picked birds, some their own subject matter, but they all did a great job looking for the simple shapes that make up their images.