Monday, May 6, 2013

Daffodils Still Life, ages 10-13

I found some great little daffodils that the students used for an observation painting. They had to include three flowers from three angles... and use layers of color to show the layers of leaves. A graduated background gave them practice in color mixing.

Textured Chickens and Roosters, ages 10-13

The students used the tissue paper texture technique again and came up with some great projects. We used a calendar that I had in the studio as inspiration for the colorful birds.

Printed T-shirts, ages 7-10

We used sticky foam shapes that the students cut and stuck onto 8x10 board to fit the designs for their printed t-shirts. This is always a fun class.

Painted multi media birds, teen class

We talked about texture and layering, multimedia and birds. We looked at different acrylic technique books and the students picked some that they liked. Some used their own poetry and some used tissue paper for texture and added drips and layers... Some found inspiration online for the birds and some used a calendar that I had in the studio. But all explored and came up with some fun combinations.

Travel Posters, ages 10-13

These are just a few of the travel posters that the students work on. So many creative places and ideas!

Day and Night Lighthouses, ages 10-13

This has to be another of my favorite projects. The students drew lighthouses and then drew dividing lines to show the difference of night and day colors in their painting. They put a lot of thought in to the colors that they used!

Positive and Negative Fun Cutouts, Ages 7-10

We had a fun day playing with positive and negative shapes using card stock, cutting and gluing to see what we get.