Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Flowers, ages 7-10

I bought some flowers and placed them in the center of the room for the students to use as inspiration. They did a close up of a few of the flowers and added some bugs just for fun. Watercolor and a marker technique on 12 x 14 inch watercolor paper. Oh and my demonstration painting is the yellow and red tulips with ladybugs.

Six of One, Ages 10-13

The students we challenged to fine six different views of one object. The backgrounds and colors are fabulous! Nice work!

Peeps! ages 7-13

Time for our Peep project using peeps from life and decorative backgrounds on 9x12 canvas board in acrylic paint. And they got to eat the peep when they were done!

Textured Sunflowers, age 10 - 12

I used my tissue paper/watercolor technique and on canvas board to make a nice texture to paint on. The students painted a sunflower with acrylic making sure they used added texture in all the areas.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

sunshine patterns, ages 7-10

If the sun won't come out outside the studio then we will make some inside. Watercolor paper 12x14 inches, painted with a sun and sky background. Then the students created patterns on strips of paper and glued them down. These are so cheerful and bright.... think Spring!