Saturday, February 23, 2013

Colorful Animals, ages 7-10

The students chose an animal to draw and we talked about simple shapes. They found simple shapes to draw their animal and used black oil pastel over their pencil lines to outline the animals.
They used bright watercolor washes on 12 x 18 inch watercolor paper to finish.

Shoe Self Portraits, Teen Class

What makes a portrait? A face, a figure...? Well I think it is a story that you create that tells you something about the person you are painting. Everyone has their own shoe style and personality/posture in the way they stand. So we did shoe self portraits. I took photos and the students used a simple graphing method to put on canvas. The great thing is, is that you can really tell who each of these portraits are based on the shoe and the way they stand.

Peter Max inspired posters, ages 8-12

We looked at some Peter Max posters and used a bird tracing as the major part of the design. The students used wonderful bright colored markers to complete their posters. Such a wonderful, colorful project on a gray day!
I lost the majority of the photos when my phone crashed but at least I have these two to share. Enjoy!

Animals times four, ages 7 to 12

The students picked an animal and drew four different views on canvas board and painted in acrylic paints. This gave the students and opportunity to  really see the shapes of the animal and create a fun abstract type painting.