Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camp Session 1, paper animals

We looked at examples of "painting with paper" and the textures we can create by cutting, glueing and curling paper. These were done with cut card stock on 16 x 20 inch mat board.
Again, an awesome job done by the students! We had a great week!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Watercolor Session, teens

Today we learned about masking fluid and used some of the other techniques we learned to do some summer shells on the beach. Pretty amazing images!

Watercolor Session, ages 11, 12 and teens

My watercolor session began with some technique sampling with colorful leaves. We then used the techniques we learned on the birds below. Out of focus, loose backgrounds with a detailed bird. The students did a great job!

Camp Session 1, Surrealism

We talked about surrealism, how fun and goofy, the unexpected can be, and looked at some famous paintings by Dali... Then the students picked a theme and put some unexpected magazine cut outs in the environment. Lots of fun!  Two students chose another project to do and did a great job with simple subjects and placement times three.

Camp Session 1, Oil Pastel Birds

Today we talked about how in the past, before cameras, people had to draw to document things they saw,  places they explored... We talked about botanical illustration, Audobon and explorers like Columbus, Louis and Clark... Then the students drew birds in oil pastel on 18x24 inch Canson Paper.

Camp session 1, favorite things

First day of art camp is a good day to learn about the students favorite things. They used a favorite color and then alternated with favorite things.