Saturday, November 28, 2015

Observation Color Painting - Teen Class

Once the students finished the observation value paintings, we moved on to adding color. They used a limited palette of cad red light, yellow ochre, black and white. Yes, only these few colors. They had a good lesson in color mixing with lovely results!

Observation Value Painting- teen class

We looked at a projected photo of a black and white pumpkin on sitting on a white sheet of paper and talked about how the light shines, reflects and sits on the pumpkin. Then we made a contour drawing of the pumpkin making sure we drew what we saw... each of the section sizes, lines, angles... Looking at the light and shadows we used the value key they made to make a "paint by number" of the values seen. Only after a good understanding were we able to move onto the small value paintings of the pumpkins. This was to prepare us for the next project... adding color.

Talkin' Turkey! all ages

Just a quick fun project where the students had an opportunity to design the patterns on the turkey feathers. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!




Thursday, November 12, 2015

Falling leaves, ages 10-12

I forgot to photograph the student work last night,
but wanted to show my example of the project.
This is a wonderful project that gives the student practice in many different watercolor techniques, including wet on wet, softening edges, dry bush and salt textures.
 We worked on this project one step at a time so that the students really understood each technique.
We also talked about the movement in the image.
They all did a great job.