Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wire Sculpture Athletes, ages 7 - 11

This was so much fun! Wire and pipe cleaner sculptures on wooden bases.

Pencil Pet Portraits, age 9 - 11

The students used pencils, blenders and erasers to do pet portraits paying attention to shadows and fur texture.

Cupcakes, ages 7 - 9

Just a fun cupcake project using simple shapes and step by step directions.

Fairy Tale Posters, ages 7 - 9

The students chose a fairy tale and listed some of the elements of the story on paper. Then they put those elements on paper and colored their posters. Can you guess the stories?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Action Figures, ages 7-9

We talked about how to show action... how to draw the figures and how things could look like it could be coming off the page.  These are done in oil pastel on 18x24 inch bristol board.

Pencil Coke Bottles, ages 8 to teens

We started our January classes with a back to basics pencil class. We did some value studies, shapes and then coke bottles for smooth texture and animals portraits for a fur texture. The Coke bottles are posted below. 18x24 inch light gray cardstock