Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pointillism Hearts, ages 7-10

A quick little project to celebrate Valentines Day.  Pointillism using colors, moving dark to light on the hearts and just a fun pattern for the background. Acrylic on stretched canvas. The students also made giant cut paper valentines that I forgot to photograph. And they were nice too.

Penguin Stocking Caps, ages 7-10

We each filled in the penguin shape with the eyes, buttons... and designed a great pattern for the stocking cap. Acrylic on stretched canvas.

Cut Paper Places, Teen Class

The students picked a favorite place and used cut card stock to paint the image. It was nice to see them simplify the value shapes and then add detail. Great job!!!

Day, Night Lighthouses, ages 9-11

We did a poster sized tempera painting of a lighthouse with swatches of day and night colors. It was fun to think of how the colors change with the light.