Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Animals and borders ages 7-10

The students picked an animal that they liked and used the patterns on the animal to inspire the patterns for the border. Tempera paint on 17x22 inch card stock.

April Showers bring May Flowers, Friday Art Class ages 8-12

My Friday classes are quite fun. We have pizza, do an art project, share some jokes and riddles... It is a great way to finish the week. This last friday I gave the students a choice of what type of flower painting they would like to do. All of them are so nice. Welcome Spring!

Cut paper Sandwiches- teen class

We have done this project with the younger classes as well. My spin on this is that the students had to add something unexpected to the sandwiches. Can you find the unexpected... toothbrush, fruit, pencil...

Another student explored Yupo paper for watercolor and did this modern Mona Lisa. Yupo paper is a plastic type surface that has quite a learning curve but fun once you know what the paper will do and what it can't do.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Pointillism Chick, ages 7-10

We took some simple shaped hatching chicks (and one bunny) and used pencil erasers to stamp/paint a pointillism effect. I had been thinking about doing this technique for a long time and this was the perfect project for the students to try it! Sharpie and acrylic paint on wrapped canvas.

Easter Eggs, ages 7-12

We looked at some books on Ukrainian eggs and talked about the divisions and designs used.
The students then chose their own patterns and colors and painted these lovely paintings to welcome spring.