Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Lessons- Teen Advanced

This is the advanced teen final pumpkin paintings using only red, yellow ochre, black and white acrylic paint on 10x14 canvas board. Yes, only 4 colors! It is a great lesson in really looking at values and color mixing without the distraction of many other colors. Please read below to see how they got to this level.

my 4 x 5 inch example

They started with a simple pencil drawing 

and then did 2 small 5x7 inch value paintings.
They looked at the light bouncing back from the white table cloth, shadows and light direction...
There is a wonderful difference between the first and second painting.
The subject is more familiar so you can notice more of the light in the second painting.
The brushwork is also more confident.
Nice job!
 #1 #2