Sunday, March 30, 2014

Watercolor wash over ink, lighthouses - teen class

We have been talking about shading and how we can use ink to draw and shade an object. The students looked at some photos of lighthouses and took note of where the shadows and shapes were. They drew the shapes in pencil then went over the lines with ink. Watercolor washes were used to finish!

Bunnies and Chicks, ages 7-9

I like to offer papercraft projects because they are colorful, a different way for the students to express themselves and they are fun.  Just look at all the ideas below! And most added decorated eggs shapes hanging from the bottom to turn them into mobiles.

 my example 

One Point Perspective, ages 10-12

Here is our one point perspective project done in markers, watercolor paper and water brushes.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Eyes and Eyes, Teen class

I showed the students a short video on eye structure. Then we talked about the important parts of the eye and practiced drawing eyes from photos of themselves. I gave them a list so that they could go over the parts to make sure every part was there and in the right place. Then they drew their eyes on canvas board and used acrylic washes to show the shadows. Then they could paint the rest in anyway they liked. Nice lesson in observation, value and eyes. And the bonus is that you can recognize each person just by the eyes. Nice job!

Costumed Pet Portrats, age 10-12

This is always a favorite project. We talked about old time portraits and the clothing from some of the painted portraits we saw. The students chose a costume and pet/animal and used acrylic paint on canvas panel. Fun, fun, fun!

Mountain, snow and trees, ages 9-12

We talked abou the layers in a painting and did a step by step painting. I sometimes do projects step by step so that the students can take a moment to really see the layers in the painting. We started from the sky to mountain to far away tree line to snow, close trees and shadows. We used acrylic paint on canvas panels.

City Layers, ages 7-9

We talked about things we see in a city and how the windows in a building will look bigger in the closer buildings. The students worked from front to back on this one. We drew in our street, cars... and then the closer buildings and then the taller, further buildings and the night sky and moon.
We used markers and water to do these fun, colorful city scenes.