Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Simple Screened T-shirts, ages 7, 8, 9

I researched how to do simple screened t-shirts, tried a few, and decided on this process. You can research online to get more details. We used embroidery hoops, drapery sheer fabric (polyester), latex house paint, sponge and silk screen ink. The students drew their designs on paper. They traced their designs on the drapery fabric that was stretched in the embroidery hoops. Then they painted the negative areas with the latex paint (we used a light gold color...it was left over from one of the rooms in our house). It takes a few coats of paint to completely cover the areas. Be careful to get clean edges. Better to do a few thin coats than one heavy, drippy one. Let it dry till the next day. I put the t-shirt on a drawing board with a paper in between the t-shirt and board. Then the students each took turns using a cut strips of the kitchen sponge and silk screen ink to dab the positive areas. Let dry and turn the t-shirt inside out and iron to set the ink. Then wash and wear!

the paint, fabric and hoop