Sunday, August 14, 2011

Art Camp Session 3, Cakes and Cookies

This final project of the week was done on 18 x 24 inch Canson paper in oil pastels.  It was fun to see how oversized and yummy all the projects looked. Thank you students for the great week!

Art Camp Session 3, Name Patterns

The students learned about patterns and repetition and used their ideas to make name patterns on illustration board.

Art Camp Session 3, Paper Animals

We looked at some examples of "painting with paper" and chose an animal face to do. I asked the students to find an area to give some texture or movement by bringing the paper up off the page.
Lots of fun!

Art Camp Session 3, Watercolor Slices and Patterns

The students picked two images to do in watercolor. We also talked about how to create patterns and then cut the images into slices and glued alternating... Love the before and afters! 
 Really a nice job done by all!