Monday, November 15, 2010

Geometric Animals, ages 8 and 9

This is a nice project that I use as a filler to give other students time to catch up with their projects.
The students pick an animal, break it into geometric shapes, pick a color theme and paint with tempera on 15x15 inch illustration board.



Picasso Music Shapes, ages 8 to 12

We looked at some Picasso music themed paintings/collages.
The students chose their subject, worked out thumbnails 
and used cut paper on 18 x 24 inch illustration board to finish.






Thursday, November 4, 2010

More falling leaves, ages 8 to 12

The colors of turning leaves just speak "watercolor lesson " to me.  So the students took some leaves and drew them on 11x14 inch watercolor paper. We outlined the leaves with masking fluid and then used a wet on wet technique to color the leaves. Then painted the blue sky, also done on wet paper, removed the masking fluid and "voila".